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SERVICES: Improve User/Learner experience

What does

User Experience 

have to do with Learning?

Brain power is often exhausted on extraneous processing rather than the intended task. Usability testing is a great way to identify those strengths and weakness in a given platform or set of material, and propose solutions to increase learning. 

Usability Testing is a method of viewing would-be users of your material as they are live in the process of using your online content/material/ or platform. 

eLearningChick will conduct usability testing of your eLearning material and be able to recommend: 

  • Strengths in your existing content

  • Identify areas where users may tend to get lost or confused on direction

  • Present solutions to assure your users are using their brain power and time towards the learning you have created, NOT on other distractions commonly found in elearning content

Common Areas for Improvement Include:

  • Navigation difficulty

  • Clarity in instruction

  • The "obvious" to you may not be obvious to the user/learner

The trick is in identifying these strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of your users. This can lead to increased depth of learning and more positive user/learner experience.

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